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How to import CSV into Excel?

CSV files exported from TravelSpend are encoded in UTF-8. So when opening CSV files in Excel you need to import them using UTF-8 encoding.

Also, make sure to select the correct decimal separator and thousands separator during the import.

For Excel on Windows or MacO follow these steps:

  1. Open Excel
  1. Press “File” —> “Import”
  1. Select “CSV File” and press “Import”
  1. Go to the location of the CSV file, that you want to import.
  1. Choose “Delimited” and set the character encoding (might be called “File origin”) to “Unicode (UTF-8)” from the dropdown list.
  1. Check “My data has headers” or “Start import at row 1”. This is necessary because the first row of CSV file contains column names.
  1. Click next to display the second step of Text Import Wizard.
  1. Set the delimiter to a comma or semicolon (depends on how you exported it from TravelSpend).
  1. Click next to move to the third step.
  1. Select the “General” column.
  1. Press “Advanced…” and choose your decimal separator as well as the thousands separator. These should match the separator symbols used in the TravelSpend app.
  1. Click “OK” or “Finish”
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