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How does the daily average work?

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What does it mean for me and why is it useful?

This is your total spend up to today divided by the number of days you've been on your trip so far. This metric shows you how much you have been spending per day on average so far. It helps you evaluate your daily spending patterns during the trip, to know whether you are keeping up with your original plan. To put it simply, the daily average gives you an overview of your ‘financial behavior’ from the beginning of your trip up to today.

How is it calculated?

It’s the sum of all the expenses up to today divided by the number of days you've been on your trip so far.

Your total trip length:
10 days
Your total budget:
Number of days you've been on your trip so far:
All the expenses up to today:
Your daily average:
€700 / 7 = €100

What happens if you exclude entries from the daily metrics?

By excluding entries from the daily metrics, the daily average will be reduced proportionally.


Note: The daily average does not get affected by any future expenses, it only shows what has been spent up to today. To put it simply: the daily average only reflects your past spending (expenses can be excluded from daily metrics also retrospectively, and the daily average will be reduced). Nevertheless, It won’t be affected if you add (or exclude) future expenses.

Tip: The entire topic of excluding expenses from the daily metrics can get quite tricky in some cases. We recommend reading this section to get a better understanding of it.
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