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Why is the daily average in the list of trips different?

Average Spend Indicator in The List of Trips

The daily average number shown in the list of trips (left side drawer) is an overall daily average for the trip. It includes all expenses, no matter if they’re in the past or in the future or if they’ve been excluded from the daily metrics.

So this gives you a rough idea of how much money you’ve spent on a trip on average per day. This number is useful for comparing trips.

It’s calculated like this: take the sum of all expenses and divide it by the length of the trip up to today.

Daily Average Indicator Inside a Trip

The daily average that’s shown inside a trip is a dynamic average that it’s not affected by future expenses and it ignores expenses that have been excluded from the daily metrics.

This number gives you an idea of your ‘financial behavior’ from the beginning of your trip up to today and helps you stick to your budget. It’s especially useful during the trip.

Tap here to learn more about this dynamic daily average.

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