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How to enter refund payments?

When you receive a refund for a payment you can enter it as a separate negative entry in TravelSpend.


  1. I pay $200 for a hotel and add an expense entry for this in TravelSpend.
  1. Now I cancel the hotel booking and get a refund from the hotel.
  1. Then I make a new entry for $200 and select "Refund payment" from the advanced options. This amount will then be converted into a negative amount and deducted from my total expenses.
  1. As a result I have now two entries: $200 - $200 = $0

In the list view of all entries the refund will be shown with a “+” sign because the refund is actually added back to your budget.

Notion image

By the way: If you want to enter transfer payments between two persons, you can do this using the "Settle debts" button. This is not what refunds are for.

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