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Set Up Apple Pay Automation

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New since TravelSpend 2.1.0 and iOS 17 Automatically create an expense entry in TravelSpend each time you pay with Apple Pay.

With TravelSpend 2.1.0 on iOS 17 devices or later, we introduced the Apple Pay / Wallet integration. Setting up this integration via a Shortcut Automation is quick and easy.

Tutorial video

Check out this short video on how to set it up or follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-step guide

  • Tap here to create a new Automation in the Shortcuts app
  • In the list, scroll and tap on “Transaction”
  • In the “When I tap” section select all of the cards you want to track. We suggest to select all.
  • In the “Category” section select all of the categories you want to track. We suggest to select all.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the “Run Immediately” option
  • If the “Notify When Run” switch is ON, turn it OFF
  • Tap the “Next” button in the top right corner
  • In the “Get Started” section, tap the “New Blank Automation” card. If it’s not there, search for it and tap it.
  • Tap “Add Action” button
  • Move to the “Apps” tab via the segmented control and select TravelSpend from the list
  • Tap “Import Transaction from Apple Pay”
  • Tap on the “>” icon that’s next to the “Import Transaction from Apple Pay”
  • In the dropdown, tap on the right side of "Amount" to select an input
  • On top of the keyboard, scroll right until you find “Shortcut Input” and tap it
  • Once selected, tap again on the “Shortcut Input” button and select "Amount"
  • Repeat the same process for “Merchant”.
  • Select a currency from the list
  • Select a payment method from the list
  • Select the trip you want to import transactions into from the list
  • Make sure all fields are set correctly as shown below
Notion image
  • Once you’ve filled in all fields, tap the “Done” button on the top right side.
  • Congratulations, you’ve set up the Shortcut Automation! 🎉

Next time you make a physical payment with any of the cards that you included in the Shortcut, an expense entry be added to TravelSpend automatically. The amount and the merchant name of the payment will automatically be inserted.

Once the entry has been added to TravelSpend you can of course edit it and assign a category and adjust the other properties.

Questions & Answers

Does this work when paying with an Apple Watch?

Yes, in our tests the automation did work when using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. If it doesn’t work right away, try this:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your Apple Watch and run the shortcut from there
  • Now the automation should also work when paying with your watch

Does this integration work for online payments?

No, it only works for physical payments, meaning if you pay via any of the cards you have included in the Shortcut. We are waiting for Apple to offer support for online payments.

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